The Perfect Shirt, White

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The perfect men’s shirt, made for women - capturing the classic style of Katherine Hepburn, the sexy cool of Lauren Hutton and the rockstar stature of Charlotte Gainsbourg. 

It is tailored, slightly fitted. It should graze your bust and hips, with a slight waist shape carved into the side seam ending in a softly arched hem. It has expertly shaped long sleeves with a tapered inset sleeve panel and a slightly rounded cuff corner, barely softening the edge of this powerful silhouette. A clean front panel with no placket leads to a collar that cuts straight to the point.  A small bust pocket on wearer’s left is fashioned for business cards, slim cigarettes, or just looking smart. The back yoke has a seam splitting the middle , joining in an elegant bias miter. Just below the yoke, two pleats over the shoulder blades provide ease of movement and a confident sculptured back panel. Each seem is a petite but powerful French seam, finished with pinpoint stitching. Real shell buttons seal the deal.

This fabric is 100% cotton with a soft yet structured hand-feel. The weave is a very small Oxford with a barely noticeable visual texture. It is a crisp White shirt.

Small (size 2-4), Medium (size 6-8), Large (size 10-12)